Why a Log Home?

World leading manufacturer

Honka complies with the CE mark indicating our products meets the 6 minimum requirements of the building product directive set by the European Union :

  • Mechanical resistance and stability
  • Safety in case of fire
  • Hygiene, health and environment
  • Safety in use of the product
  • Protection and safety against noise
  • Energy economy and heat retention

Enjoy a new way of living, healthier, more natural with increased protection against modern aggressions.

Not just a simple house

More than just a simple house. Different in many ways it offers comfort and well being, unique wood, exclusive profiles, innovations, all this in harmony with the environment. Honka houses are available in many styles : contemporary, rustic, modern, and more.

Solid wood Honka homes are made using exclusives round or rectangular logs made form Nordic Pine. Just imagine a comfortable solid wood house, simple, natural and built using state of the art technologies. Filled with natural light a Honka house offers wide living spaces where you discover a new way of living.

Honka homes are suitable for all kinds of projects: single-family home, holiday home, retirement home, hostelry, hotel, restaurant, school, community hall, clinic and more. Chose your own custom design or take a leaf out of our pre-designed floor plans. With a Honka house your architectural project finds its full expression.