Log Type

Exclusive Honka profiles

  • Round or rectangular laminated logs
  • Innovative, Honka ball notch corners to ensure perfect air tightness
  • Air-tight, and energy-efficient
  • Easier to assembly

Honka enhances ancestral traditions creating innovations that are patented all around the world.


HonkaDuo™, the ecological round log innovation

High insulating power, contemporary design and eco-friendly manufacturing process. Honka Duo brings modernity and totally new performance to the traditional round log. A house made with Honka Duo is high performing, saves energy and will do less harm to the environment.




Honka Major our biggest piece of all!

A new rectangular log made for big project. Honka Major™ has been developed in Honka’s factory in Karstula in Finland. This is our biggest Honka log. Thanks to Honka MajorTM, log walls are now even more energy efficient. Great for prestigious design it complies with the highest standards.