Respect of the environment

For 20 years, Honka has worked in partnership with VTT, the Finnish research institute, on energy saving, waterproofing, humidity and the ecology of housing. A blend of high technology and a longstanding culture of wood construction, your Honka home takes into account the landscape and culture in which it is built.

Investing in a Honka house is an heritage investment that will benefit your children, grandchild and their descendants. With high demand for eco-friendly houses, your Honka solid wood home can even generate overtime a substantial capital gain.

10 megawatts of green energy every year

That’s the annual production of the Honka thermal power station, which supplies its factory, the neighboring companies and the town of Karstula.

100% recycling

The residual wood shavings from Honka production are recycled to make animal litter, packaging materials and bio fuel.

Sustainable management

Finland’s forests gain two new plants for every tree used in Honka’s production process.

Health and harmony

Living in a Honka solid wood house is like breathing fresh air everyday and surely a smart choice for our planet.

Having allergy or asthma problems? Or simply concern about the quality of the air you’re breathing? A Honka house offers an optimum ambient air quality, stable interior temperature and moisture levels.


A Honka construction is a natural and ecologically sound choice. It is a true ecological act in the battle against global warming. Wood is a renewable natural resource, and has a building material it contribute to preserve the forest and protect the environment.

Wood is a unique 100% renewable building material. To opt for a Honka solid wood house is choosing a better quality of living.

It's also an environmental act and supporting sustainable development.